League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

teen in jailPublic Forum: Should we Raise the Age for prosecuting youth as adults?

Monday, Nov. 23
6-8 p.m.


  • James Fauci, Malta Town Court Justice, who will speak about the current law regarding the treatment of 16 & 17 year olds in the court system.
  • Paige Pierce, Executive Director of Families Together (Albany), who will speak about adolescent brain development.
  • Karin Moran Carreau, Public Policy Advocate with Families Together (Albany), who will speak about proposed legislation.

New York is the only state other than North Carolina that prosecutes ALL youth 16 years of age and older as adults. Following the presentation, league members will remain to decide if they concur with the main principles of a position adopted by the League of Women Voters of Ohio.

Soup and other light refreshments will be available.

Community Room, Saratoga Springs Public Library
49 Henry St., Saratoga Springs NY

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