League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

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Issues and Action

The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any candidate or political party. We do support issues after study.

red arrowTake Action: U.S. House to Vote on Immigration Bill

This week the U.S. House will vote on immigration legislation that is not in our national interest. Join the League and tell them to vote NO on the Ryan Compromise legislation.

red arrowTell Congress to Pass Sensible Gun Laws

It's time to stop the violence. Legislation with common sense solutions to prevent gun violence will protect our children, our citizens and help restore our public confidence. Tell Congress to move forward with common sense gun legislation.

red arrowSave the Census: Sign the Petition

The citizenship question is bad for the Census. U.S. Commerce Secretary Willbur Ross has chosen to include a question on the U.S. Census pertaining to citizenship. Including this question will discourage participation and impact the data collected in every community across the country. Save the Census. Sign the petition.

red arrowCall your state legislators and tell them to support early voting!

Gov. Cuomo put $7m in his budget for #EarlyVoting — now the Senate and Assembly need to accept it. Contact your Reps and ask them to include funding for Early Voting in the final budget so it becomes law this year!

red arrowWeekly Legislative Newsletter

Find out what is happening in the New York State. This weekly legislative update from LWV New York State covers what is going on in Albany. The Newsletter will include the status of legislation the League is following, upcoming committee meetings, rallies and press conferences the League is involved in, and any other session specific news we think would be of interest to members. Join email list or read archived newsletters.

red arrowUrge Congress to Support the Automatic Voter Registration Act!

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Representative Robert Brady (D-PA) introduced the Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2017 on June 14, 2017. The League is proud to support legislation that enhances access for eligible voters in our elections and works to modernize our electoral system. This bill will improve the accuracy of voter records, cut down on costs, modernize outdated registration systems while supporting implementation in states across the country. Tell Congress to Support the Automatic Voter Registration Act! #AVRAct

red arrowCongress Must Pass the Dream Act NOW

It's time for our leaders in Congress to reset the policy debate and pass the Dream Act. Stand with the League of Women Voters and contact your Senators and Representatives.

red arrowVoices AppVoices: Our Political Advocacy App

Voices LWV of New York State has launched a new partnership with Voices, a political advocacy app that shares action alerts from the League directly to your phone. These action alerts will allow you to quickly call, email, or tweet at your legislator with the touch of a button.

The alert will provide you with a sample script, email, or tweet and give you the power to lobby on these issues quickly and easily. Download the app on your phone using this link: tryvoices.com/ lwvnys or search "Voices: Political Advocacy" in the Apple App Store or Google Play on your cell phone.

red arrowBecome a LWVSC Observer

There's no better way to learn about the myriad of local governments that you are a citizen of than to be a regular observer at meetings. Linda Gush is heading up the revitalization of the LWVSC Observer Corps and she can help you with tips, an observer badge, and a report form.

red arrowThe Citizen Lobbyist

One voice can make a difference. Check out the Citizen Lobbyist (8 page booklet) and learn how you can influence government decisions.

red arrowReminder: League Positions in Brief in Impact on Issues

A short summary of all of the League's public policy positions is available in Impact on Issues. Please use these short summaries as a quick reference guide for the League's various positions.

red arrowJoin one of LWVNY's new Advocacy Groups

Our member Francine Rodger had an amazing idea to create issues-based Google Groups where League members interested in similar advocacy areas could talk to each other via email and monthly conference calls. The groups will be headed by the state office. Join either of the following start-up groups by emailing Jennifer@lwvny.org:

  • General Advocacy Group: headed by Jennifer Wilson and Barbara Bartoletti
  • Education Issues Group: headed by Education Finance Specialist, Marian Bott

red arrow10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy

Looking for ways to make a difference? Check out ten ways to help defend Democracy.

2018 Legislative Agenda

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates for office. At the same time, the League works to influence policy and promote good government through advocacy and grassroots action. The legislative agenda of the League is arrived at through consensus after a thorough study of the issues. Our legislative priorities are reflected in the 2018 Legislative Agenda.

Find Your Elected Officials

The League of Women Voters encourages the active and informed participation of citizens in their government. Use our legislative action center to find and contact your elected officials.

Make a Difference!

Become involved in making sure our election system counts every vote.  Help support electoral integrity for the upcoming elections:
  • Check your voter registration. If you are already registered, you can look up your voter registration and find your polling place on the New York State Board of Elections website or call the Saratoga County Board of Elections at 885-2249.
  •  Become a poll worker to help protect free and open elections.
  • Join the League of Women Voters.
  •  Become Informed about what’s going on with our election system
    •  League of Women Voters - National and New York State
    • Project VoteSmart - Nonpartisan citizens’ organization provides candidate's voting records, campaign finances, performance evaluations by more than 200 liberal and conservative special interest organizations, biographical backgrounds, issue positions and public comments. View the website or contact student researchers on their hotline (1-888-VOTE SMART).
    •  Factcheck.org - Nonpartisan site checks the accuracy of political ads and allegations.
    •  Federal Election Commission - Official site of the government agency that regulates campaign finance.

Local League Positions

The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County has studied a number of local issues, and by consensus has adopted positions on the following issues:

These positions are PDF documents, and require Adobe Reader to view. Click here to download a free version of the Adobe software.

For a brief description of how Saratoga County is governed, read Saratoga County Government Fundamentals.

National League Positions

The LWVUS publication Imact on Issues contains official statements of position for each program area of national concern.