League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

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get involvedGet involved

Continue the work and stay engaged by joining one of our groups:

Voting: It's more that registering voters.

  • Staff a voter registration table. Contact Mary Lou Classen, 877-8874 or Janice Burns 587-3436.
  • Candidate Forums. Contact Ann Kril, 584-1436.
  • Vote 411, online voting information and a print version. Contact Francine Rodger, 371-8032.

Advocacy: Getting our voice heard on issues that matter to the LWV

  • Organizing meetups, presentations and visits to our representatives. Contact Louise Golub, 584-7518
  • Take the lead on studies and consensus meetings. Contact Barbara Thomas 681-7530

Youth Programs: We believe in engaging young people

  • Students Inside Albany, Contact Darnell Rohrbaugh, 371-2588
  • Take Me to Vote, Contact Francine Rodger, 371-8032
  • First Vote, Contact Darnell Rohrbaugh, 371-2588

Fund Raising: We put the fun in fund raising

  • Grants, Contact Francine Rodger, 371-8032
  • Famous Person Fundraiser, Contact Carol Glansberg, 210-7743

Membership: We can't do it without members

  • Retaining and recruiting new members, and our annual member ice cream social, Nancy Martinez, 281-1185

Communications: Keeping in touch with members in meaningful ways

  • Newsletter, social media, emails, website, publicity. Contact Pattie Garrett, 496-4973

What are you willing to do? Email us at info@lwvsaratoga.org and we'll put you on a list.