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Register at one of the many voter registration events the League is holding now through the fall.

Secret spending in the States

A new study from the Brennan Center for Justice looked at the pernicious effect of secret money at the state and local level — where interests with a direct stake in a race can buy the outcome for relatively small amounts of money.

The study found that special interests increasingly are using secret money to advance their interests: "Dark money at the state and local levels frequently flows from special interests with a direct and immediate economic stake in the outcome of the contest in which they are spending, in contrast to what is often portrayed as the more broadly ideological outside spending at the federal level."

The study did find, however, that state laws can greatly increase transparency: "Strong disclosure laws and enforcement can make a real difference."

Full Report

gold starAnnual Year in Review

Read about all the work that our volunteers have done this year in our Annual Review! The Voter Services Committee had an active year with numerous voter registration drives, candidate events, Vote 411 voter guides and more. Plus our very busy board and volunteers ran an impressive number of youth and educational programs. Thank ou to all of our volunteers!

Constitutional Convention for New York?

Constitutional Convention provisionEvery 20 years, the state constitution requires a statewide referendum on whether to convene a constitutional convention. The next vote will be November 7, 2017.

Connect:NY, WCNY's statewide TV news and public affairs program, is airing a 6-part series on the possibility of a NYS Constitutional Convention. Susan Arbetter will host monthly conversations on six key aspects of the issue:

  • May 16, 2016 NY's Constitutional Convention: Halley's Comet of Change
  • June 2016 Re-imagining New York: Environment
  • July 2016 Re-imagining New York: Crime & Punishment
  • August 2016 Re-imagining New York: Ethics & Power
  • September 2016 Re-imagining New York: Education
  • October 2016 Con Con 2017: From Imagination to Reality?

    Episodes of Connect:NY air Mondays at 9 p.m. on WCNY, and on local PBS stations across New York. The program will be available via streaming at wcny.org.

Hands-on work to safeguard democracy

You can be part of a grass roots network of women and men in communities across the country. Here in Saratoga, we are actively involved in making democracy work. We conduct candidate forums, provide voter registration information to local High School seniors, produce an online Voters' Guide, and lobby on many important issues in Albany.

Because your local membership dues also enroll you at the state and national League levels only a small portion of the dues stay here in Saratoga County. We work hard to write grants and raise funds to support our events and activities, so we have been able to keep our dues at the same level for the past four years. Join our vibrant group!

Aside from membership, you can stand with us and support our efforts by making a donation to support our activities.

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