League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

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Take Me To Vote

I votedFifth grade teachers in Saratoga County may participate in the Take Me to Vote Program. The goals of this League project are two-fold. The first is to encourage voter turnout on Election Day. The second is to prepare children for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Students ask an adult to take them to the polls on Election Day. Adults are encouraged to vote, and to interest their children in their rights as citizens.

Every student who goes to the polls with a parent/adult and shows his/her certificate to a poll worker earns a sticker. Teachers provide each fifth grader who participates with a button that says, "Take me to Vote!...Again!" The class with the highest level of participation in each elementary school receives a plaque. The public school with the highest percentage of participating fifth graders is honored with a visit from a legislator.

This program continues to be popular and we are grateful for the cooperation of teachers and the Board of Elections for helping us carry it out.

2016 Take Me to Vote Report

Take Me To Vote is implemented all over the county. We were very pleased this year to have 10 of the school districts in the county partnering with us to encourage fifth grade students to go to the polls with an adult. Studies have shown that the earlier a person has experience with voting, the more likely it is that this person will be a voter once they reach voting age.

We have had responses from 26 elementary School buildings and about 1800 students will be potentially checking in at one of our 200 polling sites in the county. It takes a lot of coordination to assemble and deliver packets of flyers and buttons to each of these elementary schools, as well as the packet for each polling site. We are grateful to the assistance of the County Board of Elections in getting the information out to those who staff the polling sites.

Following Election Day we deliver a plaque to the class with the highest participation in each elementary school, and arrange for the class with the highest participation in the county to receive a visit from their Assembly member. Having a legislator visit is always a special event that is important to that lucky fifth grade class.